Torroella, Catalonia, Spain

Torroella de Montgí - without being primarily a tourist town. Torroella continues to attract more and more tourists. It offers the advantages of a substantial business community with all the genuine charm of its well-preserved local colour.

The layout of the old section of town reflects Roman design, with four streets.
- Carrer Ullà, Carrer Primitiu Artigas, Carrer Major and Carrer de l'Església converging to a hub in the Plaça de la Vila.
Two of these streets, Carrer Major and Carrer de l'Església, are of particular historical value, with several buildings dating back to the seventeenth century. The porticoed archways of the Plaça de la Vila, although a bit irregular , are very well-proportioned in design.

The museum offers well presented exhibits on
- Natural Sciences; geology of Montgrí, local meteorology, flora and fauna of the area.
- Archaeology.
- History and Tradition

Every Monday there is a large market held in Torroella, covering the whole of the old part of town. It is a traditional market, offering fruit and vegetables, clothes. It also serves as a meeting place of the farmers of the area, who get together there to trade their goods and discuss matters of mutual interest.

An agricultural, cattle and commercial fair is held yearly in Torroella, on November 30 & 31. It is called the Fair of Sant Andreu and has a long-standing tradition amongst county farmers and cattle raisers

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