Mataró, Catalonia, Spain

Mataró is a town situated on Mediterranean with around 100.000 inhabitants and 30 km north from Barcelona A port and a manufacturing center, producing knitted goods, wine, and chemicals. The first railroad in Spain was built (1848) from Barcelona to Mataró. The city’s baroque church of Santa María is notable.

Mataró, the capital of the Maresme region, has origins which go back to the Roman Times - Roman Iluro was the original name of the city. A Roman villa known as Torre Llauder, dates from the end of the 1st. century B.C., and ancient ruins found at the old part of town.

Today the architecture ranges from Baroque through colonial to Modernist, Modernism being particularly well represented by the Mataró architect, Josep Puig i Cadafalch.

The waterfront has a large thousand berth marina and fishing port, plus the restaurants, the open air areas to eat and drink and the beaches. Mataró is a modern city with traditional Mediterranean markets and shops where one can find all types of products.

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