Girona, Catalonia, Spain

Girona, with its 80.000 inhabitants, is considered one of the best 3 cities in Spain for quality of life. The city is separated by the Old town and the New town. The centre of the Old Town, the “Casc Antic”, is the historical centre of the city. The Town Hall is located on the imaginary line that separates the old and the new part of the city .

Girona is north of Barcelona in the Ter river valley, between the mountain of Las Gavarres and Las Guilleries. This made it an important stronghold in times gone by. The 12C saw the construction of many outstanding Romanesque buildings. During the Gothic period the city expanded and enlarged its city walls. And through to the 16th and 17th centuries there was the continuing military building of fortresses and barracks.

The walled area is preserved in almost its entirety, withstood the sieges of 1808-09 from Napoleon's troops. Within the walls is the Cathedral, built over many centuries. The cloisters and the Carlemany Tower contain fine examples of Romanesque art. The Gothic nave and the main façade shows Baroque influences. Chapter Museum inside the cathedral has on exhibition a manuscript of the Apocalypse (10C) and the famous embroidery known as 'The Creation' ( 12C ).

Other buildings of interest include