Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain - Beaches

map of Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca, Spain - Beaches

Villajoyosa has 3.5 km of beaches, and is typical of the Costa Blanca with its myriads of coves and bays.

Playa del Torres is a quiet beach with a Roman tower - Funeral of Hércules. The Club Nautico de Villajoyosa, is 4 kilometers away. The beach is mainly small pebbles

Centro beach, where the Moorish landing is celebrated. Centro beach, also known as Ciudad beach, runs along the the promenade, and is a fine sandy beach with full facilities, a sports area and playgrounds for children.

El Paradís beach is a open beach, with golden sand and gravel areas. Easily accessible beach from Villajoyosa. Playa Paradis possesses the Blue Flag.

Playa Bon Nou is a quiet sheltered beach - a creek with crystal clear waters, sand and stones. Playa Bon Nou has the Blue Flag. Located between two big rocks, the swell is minimal.

Playa La Caleta beach has a leafy palm background and is an isolated stone creek. Club Nautico de Villajoyosa is on this beach, which offers various water sports. Playa La Caleta has the Blue Flag

Xarco beach with a watchtower

Racó Conill, There is also a small cove, which is used for diving and naturism.

Colonia Holandesa, sheltered from the North wind and described as a haven of peace and tranquillity.


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