Torrevieja, Costa Blanca, Spain - Town Guide

The entire area around of Torrevieja has two large salt lakes, "Salterns of Torrevieja", which can be seen from the road south from Alicante. Salt is still produced here to the tune of half a million tons per year.

Torrevieja (comes from the Spanish for old = vieja and tower = torre), dates from around 1800. In 1802, it took over the salt administration in the area from Orihuela. At that time it had a thriving trade with Cuba, exporting salt to Cuba, and importing Caribbean products in the returning ships. The harbor is today the home port for 300 fishing boats and around 900 private boats and yachts. hen sun sets.

If you want to explore the town, start at the harbour. Take in a visit to the Church of La Inmaculata Conception, then have a look at the museum of sea and salt (museo del mar y sal) and the fish market. Regular fish actions can be seen there. Then there is the Casino, a modern building with its mozarabic style lounge.The "Eras de la Sal", is an ancient salt yard where various festivals are celebrated. The Roman pier at La Mata. The Silleria bridge in the "Acequion" of Torrevieja.

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