Teulada, Costa Blanca, Spain

Teulada, Costa Blanca, Spain

Plaza de la lglesio (the square of the church) you will find the Iglesia de Santa Catalina, the Hermitage of La Divina Postora and the Casa Abadia.

The Church Fortress of Santa Caterina. The Parish Church of Santa Catalina is an impressive building in a medieval style. This building was originally put up to serve two purposes - a church and a defensive fortress. In 1562 the Italian engineer J.B. Antonelli supervised the building of the church as a protection against against frequent attacks by Berber pirates. The construction took around 40 years to complete. Next to the main nave you will find the Baroque style bell tower, Capilla de San Vicente Ferrer which was added in the 18th century.

Hermitage Chapel of the Divine Shepherdess - Ermita Divina Pastora
The chapel is located alongside the Santa Catalina parish church. An attractive building with the main front in Renaissance style and the rest in Baroque style was renovated in 1861 and the bell installed in the bell tower in the 1870s. In 1986 restoration work was carried out on part of the bell tower's facade and cover.

'Sala de Jurats i Justicies', an old civil building used by the municipal authorities. Built in 1620, with rough rectangular stone. It has a sundial from 1639 and the building is next to an old house belonging to Constanza, San Vicente Ferrer's sister. Tuelada was undergoing a period of expansion at this time.

Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer houses the hermitage named after the saint.

Hermitage Chapel of Sant Vicent Ferrer
It was built in the late 1700's in Neoclassical and Baroque style.The chapel was blessed on 29 March 1797 by the then rector of Teulada. It is built with a rough stone and has a distinctive blue and white dome. On the altar, there is a statute of the saint that dates from the 16th century.

Hermitage Chapel of the Font Santa
The chapel of the Font Santa is on the road from Teulada to Moraira, and is dedicated to Saint Vincent Ferrer. According to legend, in the 15th Century Vincent Ferrer, on request of Sister Constança who lived in Teulada, performed a miracle by causing water to gush from the stone. Since then water constantly drips from this source, irrespective of the level of rainfall in the area. Each year, on the first Sunday in July, the traditional Fiesta of the Font Santa is celebrated around the chapel.

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