Restaurants in Santa Pola, Costa Blanca, Spain

map of Restaurants in Santa Pola, Costa Blanca, Spain El Faro Maria Picola

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Santa Pola specialises in seafood. Try salazones a dried fish appetiser, or the fresh gambas or shrimps. As with most Spanish coastal tons the is a local fish stew, caldero santapoler, and rice dishes such as Arroz negro, rice with squid ink and Arroz a la marinera, sailor's rice. And if you want fish there are usually landing daily of Octopus, Anglerfish and Cuttlefish.

Maria Picola - This is an estate on the outskirts of Santa Pola with pleasant terrace-garden and well kept grounds. Typical seafood and fish rice dishes, fresh fish from the bay, home made desserts.

El Faro - Located on the outskirts of town near Santa Pola hill. Its menu offers traditionally prepared fish, seafood and rice.


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