Castillo de Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spain

Castillo de Moraira , SPain

This 18th century fortress, stands on a small rock at l'Ampolla beach. The royal coat of arms of the Bourbons is over the entrance, and they show the date of 1742 which probably indicates the year the construction work was completed.

The Castillo was to protect the town against Berber pirate attack - common along this coast at that time. The strange shape of the building is known as a pezuña de buey (ox hoof), as it has a semicircular southern face and a straight northern face which holds the gate.

Inside there are three wings and two floors, and the building is 10 metres high. Lookout was achieved by small slits in the walls, and gun ports were located around the perimeter, where cannons were mounted.

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