Local Food Specialities in Javea, Spain

Javea is on the coast so fish and shellfish dishes are popular. You will find tasty fish stews like "cruet de peix" and "suc roig", or fried fish dishes such as "peix fregit". Then there are "bogamarins" (sea urchins), fresh salted anchovies, tuna and the "borreta de melva" One popular way of cooking fish is known as "salazón", in which the fish is covered in salt before baking.

As with other local towns rice is a staple ingredient of many dishes, for example "arròs al forn" (oven-baked rice), "arròs amb costra"(covered with a crust of omelette), "arròs amb fesols i naps"(rice with beans and turnips),"arròs a la marinera" (fish & rice), or "arròs a banda"(rice with fish stock). There is also the traditional Paella.

Try the "cocas", small pizza-like pastries with pepper and tomato, or oil and anchovies, as well as "empanadillas", pasties filled with vegetables.

Local fresh & dried fruit is is used a lot in puddings. Pastries include "Pastissets de moniato", pumpkin fritters, Easter cake, and almond tarts.

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