Fiestas at Javea, Costa Blaca, Spain

Religious and pagan festivals thread through the festive calendar. A fiesta is a party, a celebration, a thanksgiving. To a Spaniard, it symbolises the town in which they were born: its Patron Saint; its culture.

Nazarene April/ May. A large religious festivals in honour of the Nazarene. A statue of Jesus of Nazareth is taken from The Calvari Hermitage in procession to the San Bartolomé Church in the old town. This takes place on the Third Sunday of Lent. On the 3rd of May, the statue is taken back to the Calvari Hermitage. As part of the fiesta there is also the famous “ els bous”, where young people run with young bulls. In addition, there is a big fireworks display. Another part is the “Creus de maig” competition, in which locals compete in the making of bright and colourful crosses.

Fogueres de Sant Joan,23rd of June. Fire takes on great importance in the middle of June, as in other towns along the Costa Blanca. Papier-mâché models, sometimes based on current affairs, decorate the streets of Javea. The “Focs de Sant Joan”, which light the streets of the town, are small bonfires over which young people leap, one by one, wearing garlands and flowers. The old belief was that this purified body and soul before the summer solstice.

Moors and Christians 16th - 20th July.
Spectacular costumes, and the re-enactment of the Moorish landings on the coast and the re-capture of the peninsula by the Christians from the Moorish invaders. Processions, fireworks, music and dancing.

Mare de Déu de Loreto first week of September, with the festivity in honour of the Mare de Déu de Loreto, which takes place in the Parish Church of Aduanas del Mar, a most remarkable church situated near to the Fishing Port.

The Mare de Déu del Carme, on the 16th of July; the Mare de Déu dels Angels at the beginning of August and Santa Llúcia on the 13th of December are other celebrations of a clearly religious nature which make up the traditional festive calendar of Jávea

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