Jalon Valley, Costa Blanca, Spain

Jalon Valley, Costa Blanca, Spain

Jalón Valley, which starts 22 kms inland, is famous for its groves of Citrus and Almond trees and its old Spanish villages where you can find Spanish restaurants, still serving the local food (like paella) cooked over wood fires.

Jalón - or Xaló in the native Valenciano tongue - is located in the Pop valley inland from Javea.The small town of Jalon is surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Bernia. Six days a week Jalon is a quiet place set among vineyards, but on Saturday morning there is a large bootsale in the dry riverbed.

Alcalali, Benichembla, Jalon, Lliber, Murla and Parcent are the towns that form the Jalon Valley.

The Valley is very famous for its wines. There are several wine bodegas to visit to sampke their famous moscatel. There are a couple of honey stores for fresh varieties of honey and hand-made candles. There are also lots of cafes, a traditional catholic church with restored bell tower, plus all the usual Spanish shops. There is a historical museum filled with antique photos.

Way back in 1472 the Moors living in Jalón sent wines to the Valencian Court and this wine for many centuries was the base of Marina Alta's economy: Jalón's wines belong to the 'denominación de origen' of Alicante and raisins are still produced produced in the traditional 'riu-raus'.

Restaurants in the Jalon Valley area


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