Elda, Costa Blanca, Spain

Map of Eleda, Costa Blanca, Spain

The city of Elda and the city of Petrer which is only 4 km away form a twin city with a total population of both cities adds up to 80,000 inhabitants. Because of the people that founded each town, today Elda's population speak Spanish and Petrer's speak Valenciano.

Dating back to the struggles between the Moors & the Christians, Petrer's castle is one of the most impressive in the province. It has recently been thoroughly restored

Elda is famous for the production of leather footwear, especially women's shoes, since the 18th century. This trade became its main economic activity in the 19th century. There is an interesting shoe museum in Elda documenting the history of shoe fashions and manufacture from the beginning of the industrialisation up to the present day.

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