Fonts d'Algar, Callosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Fonts d'Algar, Callosa, Costa Blanca, Spain

Close to Callosa d'En Sarrìa is its Nature Park, where the Fonts d'Algar are situated. The land surrounding the waterfalls is is a mass of almonds, vines, kiwis and mangos which flourish on the surrounding terraces. The Fonts are known as the "Font de Fonts" (Spring of all Springs). The Fonts are well signposted, on leaving Callosa, on your right hand side you get a wonderful view of the valley's water canals and greenery of the Nature Park.

This area produces more than half total Spanish crop of medlars (nisperos), as the land has water and a mild climate. You park your car amonmg the fruit trees and take a short walk up into the hills. The sound of falling water soon fills the air. Paths fringed by bamboo and oleander eventually lead you to the falls. The Fonts themselves comprise numerous small springs which converge to form a magnificent waterfall and small lagoons of the "Fonts d'Algar". There are paths to explore explore, as well as the natural pools fed by the D'Algar waterfall. The spring waters are cool and refreshing and around 18°C - swimming is allowed if you want to cool off - or you can just doze in the shade of the trees.

The Fonts D'Algar has its own restaurant, plus barbecue and picnic facilities. There is an environmental museum and a horticultural nursery, where a duct system uses the natural springs waters to irrigate the plants and trees.

The falls are even more impressive in winter as there is inevitably more water around to fuel the falls.

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