A Guide to the town of Callosa d'en Sarria, Spain

A municipality in the province of Alicante of 35 sq km and is located in the northern part of the region of Baixa Navy, about 10 km of the coast and 42 km of the city of Alicante.

It is crossed by the Algar river and the Guadalest and three kilometres from the impressive fountains and waterfalls of the Algar. And it is surrounded by mountain ranges (Aitana, Bernia and Aixortà). It has a Mediterranean climate with temperatures that reach an annual average of 17ºC, with a summer maximum of 24ºC in August and a winter minimum of 9,5ºC in January.

The abundance of water and the gentle climate have encouraged cultivation on terraces of Mediterranean produce such as almonds and vines, as well as tropical fruits such as kiwi, mango and particularly all the medlar. Callosa produces more than half the national total of medlars, and has been been awarded a Denomination of Origin for the area.

Today Callosa is more into to tourism than agriculture, but continues to be a beautiful white and ochre town. In the old town, you ought to visit the Church of San Juan Bautista with the original Neoclassic front by Antonio Gilabert Fornes. Around the church, you can see the Portal, the medieval entry arch, as well as the remains of the medieval walls, especially in the Plaça del Castell where the feudal lord had his residence.

Three kilometres from the town the well-known Fuentes del Algar where the waterfalls and the environmental Museum are to be seen.

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