Restaurants in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

Map of Restaurants in Alicante, Costa Blanca, Spain

Restaurants over a wider area of the Costa Blanca are available here

Valencia 11 - Lively restaurant with two dining rooms. Appealing setting next to the bullring. and nice décor in a classic style. Turbot loin on asparagus royal and vegetables crunch, apple tart with nougat ice-cream.

Nou Manolin - Specialise in the juicy regional stews. Mullets without bones on onion "coca" (type of bun) and Genoese "pisto", rice with vegetables. Good wine cellar.

Piripi - Same cuisine style as his eldest brother at the Nou Manolín. Codfish salad with "exqueisada" in its base, dentex loin with clams in green sauce. A pleasant atmosphere in a decidedly welcoming setting.

Monastrell - María José San Román, faithful to his compromise with modern haute cuisine shows another year his knowledge and good taste in a contemporary atmosphere. Family-style place with a small dining room decorated in a modern and minimalist style.

Darsena A restaurant with panoramic views over the yacht harbor at Alicante. The bar area has nautical décor, while the dining area is modern and functional. Try the various rice dishes, salted meats, cream millefeuilles with nougat cream.

Tragallum It has a small foyer in the entrance that leads to a dining room decorated with a lot of wood. Rafa Salinas offers a creative cuisine with a good special set menu.

Puerto - Business with modest facilities run by the family. Good seasonal products define a homestyle cuisine. Moderate prices.

Maestral - José Manuel Varó offers a seasonal cuisine with an artistic technique. Ajoblanco (garlic and breadcrumb paste) with oysters, puff pastry crust sea bass, chocolate texture.

Jumillano - Seafood of the bay, gilthead "a la marinera", nougat and date tart.

Cesar Anca - Creative cuisine of its owner, César Anca. For dessert, hot soufflé of almond and "dulce de leche" (milk pudding).

El Bocaito - Avocado and palm salad, hake "suprema" with "sepionets", peach soufflé.

Aldebaran - Maritime decor, Alicante style rices, fish, ice-creams.

El Canto - Magnificent tapas bar that looks like a tavern or brewery. They work with quality ingredients, offering a good menu with kebabs, tapas .

La Cantera - Operation that is professionally run by three partners. Its bright, minimalist dining rooms are accompanied by lovely decorative touches.

Govana - Run by a friendly married couple, located in a lovely landscaped square. Its dining rooms, with select furnishings and an outstanding set-up, are distributed on two floors.

Nou Palas - A good choice in spite of its simplicity. A dining room with somewhat tight seating, but offset by a good set-up and a warm neo-rustic style.

Estella - Navarre cuisine. Crepes stuffed with scalloped seafood, curry chicken, "suspiros de monja".


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